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Membrane Systems Offer Cost Effective Flexibility

Membranes are now being used in a number of critical applications, including food manufacturing, seawater desalination, and biotechnological product processing. These critical components are now also being applied to the oil and gas industry to achieve higher quality products. Just a few of the ways in which membranes are being applied in this industry include the separation and recovery of carbon dioxide from bio-gas, H2S removal from refinery gases, and natural gas dehumidification and sweetening.

New processing strategies have also led to further exploration for the use of gas separation membrane systems. In particular, industry experts are now examining ways in which membranes can be used within a pressure swing absorption process for the purposes of gas separation.

When applied by an experienced gas treating company, membrane systems provide a safe and efficient technology for water vapor and carbon dioxide removal from gas. This can be particularly true in isolated locations. Along with being highly adaptable for various types of gas volumes, CO2 concentrations, and product-gas specifications, membrane systems are also cost-effective.

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